The Story of Madhuban

At the heart of the Madhuban story is a Mother’s search for good and pure food – food that she, an Andhra Brahmin, was acquainted eating in her Coastal Andhra home, food that she served her family, food that was vegetarian in nature and cooked in true Sattvic style, at once delightfully delicious, light on the stomach and calming on the mind.

As she moved to north India to be with her son, who holds a corporate job in Gurgaon, she found it difficult to find even a single place that served food with the goodness she was familiar with. And so started MADHUBAN – a vegetarian Sattvic restaurant – with the aim of offering food that was rich in purity (Sattva), and that which kept the mind clear and the body healthy. She also ensured that her restaurant served authentic and fresh Andhra cuisine, bursting with the flavour and aroma – the way she has always known it to be.

Today, Madhuban has travelled beyond Gurgaon to Katra, under the blessings of Ma Vaishno Devi. The brand has plans to open up at other pilgrimage places as well. While Madhuban Katra has moved from Andhra Cuisine to Multi-Cuisine, the underlying theme remains the same – Good Food, Healthy Food, Tasty Food, just like a mother would prepare it.